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Representative Planning & Customer Service M/V


Algemene informatie


GEODIS is a Supply Chain Operator ranking among the top companies in its field in Europe and the World. GEODIS, which is part of SNCF Logistics, which in turn is a business line of the SNCF Group, is the number one Transport and Logistics operator in France and ranked number four in Europe. The international reach includes a direct presence in 67 countries and a global network spanning over 120 countries.

Why join us ?

Transport and Logistics form a key sector in the world economy. As a major international player on this sector, GEODIS is geared to full satisfaction of all stakeholders, starting with its workforce, more than 39500 men and women worldwide who share the same values of commitment, innovation, trust, solidarity and passion that form the pillars of GEODIS corporate strategy.  





Contract voor onbepaalde tijd - full time


Operationnal activities - Customer Interface Service


Representative Planning & Customer Service M/V

Beschrijving van de missie

I. Manage existing customer relationships.
Result; acting as a contact person and handling common operational problems.
• Acts as the customer's contact person for operational questions and problems.
• Resolves operational questions and problems, possibly in consultation with other interested departments.
• Monitors the progress and handling of deviating services and products. E.g. urgent orders and special treatments. Agrees the conditions with regard to the settlement with the manager.
• Proactively detects and monitors sales opportunities at customers and passes them on to the manager.
• Contributes to the maintenance, monitoring and reporting of the KPIs.
• Processes customer complaints, records agreements made and monitors their progress. If necessary, consult with the manager.

II. Plan.
Result; planning the deployment of equipment and drivers in accordance with rules and guidelines.
• Is responsible for the planning of incoming and outgoing goods and orders. Providing transport orders to the assigned carriers.
• Setting priorities regarding orders release.
• Draws up the schedule according to general business instructions.
• Identifies individual work problems, solves them and / or reports them to his supervisor.
• Receive and refer to and speak to drivers.
• Integral coordination with internal and external departments.

III. Customer advice.
Result; informing the customer and offering services in accordance with the guidelines.
• Gives advice to the customer about the possibilities of all types of shipments / shipments based on the
information supplied by the customer. To this end, obtain information from internal operational departments.
• Translates the wishes of the client internally to the operational departments.

IV. Manage customer portfolio
Result; achieve a customer relationship with an assigned customer group.
• Provides follow-up to telephone contacts and gives substance to the commercial agreements.
• Draws up reports based on customer contacts.
• Resolves non-shipment-related problems, makes proposals for the solution of structural problems.
• Reports to managers and, in accordance with established guidelines, records information about the progress and the actions to be taken.

V. Perform administrative processing.
Result; Handling administrative work.
• Performs a check and / or test on procedures followed by drivers and takes action if necessary.
• Receives the customs documents and takes care of the handling thereof.
• Creating and archiving files.
• Ensures correct registration of data in the system.
• The preparation of transport and customs documents.
• Evaluate processes and agreements (Service Level Agreement) and identify points for improvement in the area of ​​service quality and report these to the manager.


Job requirements
• MBO + working and thinking level
• Knowledge of forwarding, transport and logistics
• Knowledge in the field of internal production and business processes within the various business units and activities.
• Experience with commercial administrative work.
• Prior to the start of the employment, an employee with Dutch nationality must issue a Certificate of Good Behavior to GEODIS, which is requested from the municipality in which the employee resides based on a profile issued by GEODIS (in most cases digitally) . A similar document is required from employees with a nationality other than Dutch nationality, issued by the competent authorities in the country where the employee is registered.
If people work in a site where air freight is being handled (currently the Rotterdam site), this document must be requested and issued every 5 years.

Specific job characteristics and skills
• Oral and contact proficiency in the Dutch language, English and German is an advantage, required for providing the correct information to customers and suppliers.
• Persuasiveness when giving advice and obtaining acceptance.
• Problem-solving ability to solve customer problems.
• Customer-oriented in providing service to customers and colleagues.




Plaats van de functie

Europe, Netherlands, Limburg



Criteria sollicitant

Minimaal vereist studieniveau

Hoger onderwijs

Minimaal vereist ervaringsniveau

Junior (1 to 5 years of experience)